Our Story

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them...

The origin of Wine Wonders dates back to autumn of 2014, after the founder did an Erasmus semester in Budapest, Hungary. Back at the time, he knew little about wines, however this passion originated out of curiosity to taste some local wines with exotic names.

As for any student with limited money, the budget for drinks was not much, but he was surprised to see the quality (or his perception of quality) of some of the red wines from grape varieties he had never seen or heard before in his life. Since then he dreamed about commercializing Hungarian Wine and introducing it to the world. Throughout his time in Hungary he would try numerous different wines while learning about its history. However this dream was far from reality without a concrete plan or money.

At the beginning of 2015 he returned to his home country, Mexico, to finish his bachelor’s degree. That year he would meet a girl that would make him dream big and set his next objective again in Europe. He graduated from International Marketing and while working he applied to numerous jobs in Austria and Germany without success. The odds of finding a job without much work experience and a Non-European Passport seemed very low, however he wouldn’t give up. Instead, he found a way around, through a master’s degree. In the end his dream was simply to be closer to the girl he loved. After dozens of applications, he got accepted for a master’s degree at the Technical University of Munich, starting on autumn 2016. He bought a one-way ticket to pursue his dreams and a new life leaving Mexico behind.

As soon as he arrived in Germany, he had one thing in mind. You need to start working as fast as possible and earn in Euros to be able to finance your living in an expensive city like Munich. He would immediately find a job working in sales for a beer company, parallel to his studies.  In autumn 2018 he would successfully finish his studies and start working fulltime.  Not visiting Mexico in two years and not seeing his dad, he would bring him to spend Christmas 2018 and organize a trip to the place, which was once his home, Budapest.

The visit to Budapest was prolific; a couple of wine tastings and the magic liquid made its enchantment, just like in former times. After a great trip, his dream of distributing Hungarian wines came back, but this time with a more concrete plan and a perfect market for it, Germany. 2019 would be the year that everything started to take shape. A new adventure would arise after meeting the key person, while ordering some Hungarian wines. Honest business talks and sharing a humble dream granted an invitation to the wine tasting portfolio.

Once again, the visit to Budapest was successful, only this time Carlos and his girlfriend had found the perfect partners. Small family wine producers from all over Hungary gathered up to present wines of the highest quality and complexity. Back in Munich and fully motivated, it was time to set up the company.

Just like registering yourself as a resident of the city, setting up a company requires a long process and big amounts of patience. Researching about the regulations, choosing a name, changing your working visa, saving the money, choosing the type of business, finding a trustful notary, opening a bank account, are just some of the steps that it took. But no challenge can defeat an ambitious man and in January 2020, Wine Wonders GmbH was successfully established.

We want to thank everybody that has supported us in this journey and all the people which will keep sharing this wonderful adventure with us.