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Our Partners

Stumpf Pincészet/ Eger Region

Dr. János Stumpf and his son Péter run the family winery. János has worked as a doctor in Eger since 1991. He has always been interested in grapes and wine, as his childhood was spend in Hercegkút, Tokaj-Hegyalja. In 1992 he moved to Eger with his family. There he began to earn a little extra income by selling wine. At that time the family only had rented plantations. When Péter, his son, announced that he would like to continue and expand his father's work, the business began to grow. After studying energy and agricultural engineering, Péter decided that viticulture and winemaking were what he was really interested in. After completing his studies, he finally took part in a targeted one-year course in Austria in Krems, where he received a degree in wine management. Most of the work is now managed by Peter. Today the family owns over 20 hectares of vineyards. Grapes are currently grown on 9 hectares in the most valuable production area of Eger, in the Nagy-Eged vineyard.

Favorite wines: Egri Bikaver, Kékfrankos, Cuvee, Syrah & Sauvignon Blanc.

Sziegl/ Hajos Region

The history of the Sziegl cellar began in 2012 with a gifted vineyard and a borrowed barrel. Kadarka was their first wine and a more than 80 year old vineyard soon became one of their favorite places. The wonderful surroundings fascinated them more and more until they could imagine a future in this area, which would become their home. They were in their mid-twenties and still enrolled at the University of Horticulture. But every weekend they rushed home to take care of their vineyard and try to buy more land. Her family bought them a small traditional wine press, where the grapes were processed from the following year. They used their pocket money and the sales of the first wines to buy new vineyards. Today, they can now produce wine on 5.5 to 6 hectares of their own land. Their cellar capacity has also increased and the wines are produced in three traditional wine presses.

Favorite wines: Olaszrizling, Kövidinka, Furmint, Hárslevelű, Kadarka & Kékfrankos

Fekete Pince/ Region nördlich des Balaton

The vineyard is located around a small family cellar, which is part of one of the first-class vineyards under the VINEA CSOPAK trademark, the Hegyalja vineyard. The estate consists of just 1 Ha Italian Riesling vineyard, which is cultivated with careful handwork and nurtures the oldest traditions of artisanal winemaking. The owner of the vineyard, dr. As the chairman of the Trademark Committee of the Csopak Code, Zsolt Fekete personally guards the quality of the wines of the estate based on traditional technology.

Favorite wine: Olaszrizling

Karadi-Berger / Tokaj Region

Szilvia Karádi and Zsolt Berger founded their winery in Erdőbénye in 1999. Their vineyards are located on the slopes of Palandor and Narancsi in an excellent south-western position. They currently have 3.6 ha of 4.6 ha active. The wines from their old wine plantations are made with artisanal technology and minimal technology according to the traditions of Tokaj-Hegyalja.

Favorite wine: Tokaji Szamorodni Édes & Tokaji Furmint