Responsible Company (EN)

We all started small and have grown slowly, but never forgetting where we come from. For this reason, at Wine Wonders we see it as our duty to act in the interests of the environment and society. We firmly believe that our purpose on earth is greater than just working to make money. We have been blessed with the opportunity to help others and that is what motivates us the most.

Wine Wonders supports causes from three different angles. The first, by supporting our small family businesses. The second through sustainable packaging and the last with a percentage of our sales going to a social project.

We support small family businesses who, like us, had a passion for wine and a dream they believed in. Those who fought for this dream, overcame all challenges and persevered until they reached their goal.

Through our cardboard supplier ( we use sustainable packaging where part of the sales goes towards planting trees.

Our last and most important project is a way to give back to the country where Carlos was born. Through Kinderdorf SOS/ Aldeas Infantiles SOS, we support projects in Mexico, particularly in a center on the outskirts of Mexico City. Among the projects, they provide a safe and protective environment for children that guarantees their nutrition, health, clothing, education, recreation, and most importantly, a safe and protective family environment.
If you want to know more about our project or want to support it, don't hesitate to contact us by email (